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Bài gửi by giaitri38 on Mon Apr 13, 2015 11:32 am

F-Secure security company Europe's largest <a href="">Diễn đàn giải trí</> technology is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, said: the majority of Android OS devices when getting a malicious software will automatically send messages to a number of the top fee-hackers (criminal technology) to the shaft that the user knows.

Study room F-Secure's Virus in Asia announced: 17% of infected devices SMSSend malware, 14% infected FakeInst and 13% infected PremiumSMS in Vietnam. As such, up to 44%-corresponding to nearly one half the number of devices infected with malware is to send SMS messages automatically. <a href=""> Dien đàn seo</a> This is the fertile land of Hackers to pickpockets consumers because 1 a SMS price is 15,000, 000 and each set is infected with malware, hackers can take the initiative to send hundreds of messages to collect money to profited

Besides the malware that the common SmatPhone then social networking sites also do not fall outside the interest of hackers. F-Secure said the viruses they Kilim also trouble for the devotees of Facebook. <a href=""> Diễn đàn học tập</a> The virus automatically installs the content that the user does not require through Browser extensions. Users didn't know his computer downloading Kilim because it often lies hidden in the form of "load video" or "Flash Player".

After the Kilim is installed on the machine, the virus will gain control of a user's Facebook account and automatically upload new status, sharing the link or send a message that contains content and information dangerous to your friends on the contacts and the virus continues to spread.

According to the statistics of the F-secure Virus-infected computers amounts in Vietnam is currently allocated as follows:

Viruses, MALWARE-threats, technological era

F-Secure recommends technology era users should protect themselves from attacks by malicious software, viruses this. <a href=""> Dien dan</a> In the case of phone bills increase suddenly, users should install antivirus software and scan the new application installed on your computer.


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